Planting Magic Beans Update - February 2015

Planting Magic Beans – PMB – is now in its ninth year of operations!

MANY THANKS to those who gave to PMB since we last wrote, especially to those who gave as repeat donors.

Exciting news!!!

We are starting this news with our past scholars since we have some amazing news to share, including two of them completing their university studies, an enormous accomplishment!

Past scholars.

Mónica and Oscar completed their 5-year degrees at the prestigious San Marcos National University, Mónica in social work and Oscar in microbiology and parasitology, in December 2014. Congratulations, Mónica and Oscar! We are so very proud of you!

Oscar and Mónica are both exploring next steps. Oscar has continued to intern at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit - 6 (NAMRU-6). He will also be doing his undergraduate thesis at NAMRU-6. Mónica has been doing an internship at the National Coordinator of Small Fair Trade Producers. PMB Director Angela Bayer and Mónica also worked together to prepare and publish an article about the photovoice project that served as the inspiration for PMB:

Cecilia and Fernando just finished year 2 and Rafael just finished year 4 of their studies at San Marcos National University. Cecilia was the top student in her class in accounting during 2014. She also applied to a summer internship program with the highly prestigious Pricewaterhouse Coopers firm. She was one of only six university students in all of Lima to receive an internship. Congratulations, Cecilia! Fernando is also doing well. He has now switched to studying physics since he decided that that is his true passion. During the Peruvian summer (January-March), he will be taking complementary courses and studying English. Rafael is also doing well. Over the summer, he will be taking specialized mining engineering courses.

Finally and certainly not least, past scholar Carlos continues to enjoy working in graphic design. He is also studying English and taking advanced design skills. Past scholar María continues to use the fashion design skills she learned with support from PMB to improve her professional opportunities.

Current and future scholars.

Alondra is studying at a pre-university academy for a career in the humanities or social sciences and is making good progress.

Sol María has also been studying at a pre-university academy, for a career in engineering, and making good progress. She is currently applying for a scholarship through Beca 18, a governmental scholarship program that would cover the tuition and related costs of a 5-year private university. The process is very competitive and we will keep you posted about how she does.

Keyla has also been studying at a pre-university academy, for a career in business administration, and making good progress. Keyla will be applying to several universities and institutes in the upcoming months and we will keep you posted about the results.

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