Planting Magic Beans Update - August 2016

Planting Magic Beans – PMB – is making an enormous change! We are moving from working with adolescents and young people to working with babies and children, starting at birth!

Why this change? There are now recently established government-supported scholarship programs in Peru to support young people in technical and university post-secondary studies. Therefore, many adolescents and youth now have support that PMB has provided for years.

However, there are very limited efforts to support the cognitive development of babies and children in Peru. Therefore, there is now a strong need to work with this group.

What will PMB do now? We will support shared reading between babies and children ages 0-5 and their caregivers, by providing high-quality books for families and support and training for caregivers. There is significant evidence about the benefits of shared reading, including cognitive and language development, school readiness and child-caregiver bonding.

In the months to come, we will be providing more details about what we are doing with shared reading!

What can YOU do to support PMB? Your support will now fund the purchase of high-quality books for young children.

You can contribute through PayPal and you can now give to PMB through Amazon Smile.

More information about these options is right here:

And please be sure to visit and like our Facebook page!

What about the PMB scholars? We will of course stay in touch with and continue to support our past scholars.

Brief news about the PMB scholars follows here.

Alondra was accepted at the prestigious Federico Villareal National University in psychology in April, 2016 and is now in the midst of her first year of university studies.

Sol María is currently in year 1 of her university studies in civil engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She has a full scholarship thanks to the highly competitive Beca 18 scholarship program. Keyla is currently in year 2 of her university studies in business administration at the Autonomous University of Peru.

Cecilia and Fernando are both in year 4 of their university studies. Cecilia continues to be among the top students in her class in accounting at San Marcos National University and to work at the highly prestigious Pricewaterhouse Coopers firm. Fernando is doing well as he studies physics at the National Engineering University.

Mónica, Oscar and Rafael all completed their 5-year degrees at San Marcos National University. Mónica studied social work and, after successfully competing for a position, is now volunteering as a community social worker with the non-governmental organization América Solidaria in northern Chile. Oscar studied microbiology and parasitology and is now working at a leading research laboratory at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Rafael studied mining engineering and is now doing his internship in specialized mining techniques at Pevoex Contratistias.

Finally, Carlos continues to enjoy working in graphic design at a lead graphic design firm, Icono Comunicadores, in Lima. María continues to use her fashion design skills to improve her professional opportunities.

Thanks so much for reading and for your continued support!

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